What is a Mutual?

At Tucumcari Federal Savings & Loan Association (TFSL), our priority, for 86 years has been you; our neighbors and friends.

We have seen you through many milestones- from your Savings Accounts, Certificates of Deposit, IRA’s and finally placing you in your forever home.

While known by many, few know that TFSL is your only local mutual bank.

What is a Mutual?

A mutual bank is owned by account holders. When you open an account or loan, you are considered an owner of TFSL. A mutual bank works for the account holders because as account holders you are owners. By opening an account with TFSL you are a part of local reinvestments back into Tucumcari and Quay County. Whether it is supporting our Local 4-H program or community donations to Tucumcari Mainstreet. We all have a role to play in our future.

Account holders, however, do not make decisions for the bank. A board of directors governs the bank. TFSL’s board of directors consist of community leaders. As businessmen and women in our community, they understand the importance of hard work, sound decisions and giving back to those who, everyday build the future of Tucumcari and Quay County.

A traditional bank is owned by shareholders, which means other banks are more concerned with pleasing investors, not their customers.

Tucumcari Federal Savings & Loan takes pride in ensuring:

Great Customer Service- either on the phone or visiting us in person, one of our helpful team members are always available to help with your financial needs.

Account Safety- through sound and effective policies we ensure that your personal and account information is protected.

Profits are reinvested in the community- through small community donations to local programs, or large donations to local non-profits, we strive to make Tucumcari successful at all levels.

Our team members are involved in our community several of our team members and directors are a part of local advisory boards and commissions and volunteer time with local charities.Our mission starts and ends with you.

We provide advise that best suits your needs- Our team members are well versed when it comes to savings accounts and loans. We are available by phone or in person to discuss our products and what will best fit your financial goals.